Comic book, visual novel, and game writing Services

Comic Book / Graphic Novel / Webtoon Script.

For comic books/graphic novels;

  • $30 per page.

For Webtoons;

  • $30 per 6 panels.
Story Plot Development and World Building.

Suggested title, plot summary, plot outline, and world building.

$0.1 per word

Character Development.

Character name, description, stats, and backstory.

$0.1 per word.

Game Story Script.

For linear, branching, and interactive games. Visual novels included.

$0.1 per word.

Scriptwriting Services


I will develop this from your ideas, story, or concept.

$50 per page.


 By reviewing your current draft and providing recommendations for changes / improvements and implementing approved notes / ideas / fixes in a new draft.

Starting from $25 per page.


This includes proof-reading, editing, and polishing the current script draft.

Starting from $15 per page.

TV Series Bible.

I will outline the major characters, the episode plots / stories, and character arcs of a multi-part series; developed from your ideas.

Starting from $500.


The entire story / plot will be developed from your ideas, story or concept. ​A long form summary of your plot.

Starting from $700.

Narrative Synopsis of the Plot Outline.

I will use your current script draft or script outline or treatment to create a Narrative Synopsis. One or two pages summarizing your plot.

Starting from $500.


At Etta Writes, I believe in transparency and fairness when it comes to pricing. All fees are listed in U.S. dollars and include commercial use and one round of revisions. Payment schedules are as follows:

  • A 50% deposit is required upfront before I start working on your project.
  • At least 30% of the total fee is due after I submit the first draft for your review.
  • The remaining balance is due before I submit the final work.


Please note the following details:

  • Delivery dates will only include working days (Monday to Friday), excluding public holidays.
  • After your project is released, I reserve the right to include it in my portfolio, unless you request otherwise.
  • All writing and rewriting work is conducted under a “works made for hire” agreement for a credited service (Writer / Co-Writer).
  • If you require uncredited ghostwriting services, please be aware that this will entail higher fees than those listed.
  • Uncredited works are charged at double the listed price for the same credited service. For example, instead of $25 per comic book page, you will be charged $50 per comic book page.


To request a service and receive an invoice, please contact me at

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