Comic book, visual novel, and game writing Services

For comic books/graphic novels;

  • $25 per page.

For Webtoons;

  • $25 per 6 panels.

Suggested title, plot summary, plot outline, and world building.

$0.1 per word

Character name, description, stats, and backstory.

$0.1 per word.

For linear, branching, and interactive games. Visual novels included.

$0.1 per word.

Scriptwriting Services

I will develop this from your ideas, story, or concept.

$40 per page.

 By reviewing your current draft and providing recommendations for changes / improvements and implementing approved notes / ideas / fixes in a new draft.

Starting from $20 per page.

This includes proof-reading, editing, and polishing the current script draft.

Starting from $10 per page.

I will outline the major characters, the episode plots / stories, and character arcs of a multi-part series; developed from your ideas.

Starting from $500.

The entire story / plot will be developed from your ideas, story or concept. ​A long form summary of your plot.

Starting from $700.

I will use your current script draft or script outline or treatment to create a Narrative Synopsis. One or two pages summarizing your plot.

Starting from $400.

All prices in U.S. Dollars.

Please send an email to or contact me to request a service and you will be sent an invoice with a secure web link to pay the initial deposit.


  • 50% upfront deposit before I start working.
  • At least 30% after I submit the first draft for review.
  • The balance before I submit the final work.


  • All prices include commercial use.
  • All prices include 1 round of revisions.
  • Only working days (Monday to Friday) will be counted for delivery dates. All public holidays are excluded.
  • I will include the project in my portfolio after its release. Let me know if you do not want it included (this may cost extra charges depending on the job).
  • All my writing and rewriting work is conducted under a “works made for hire” agreement for a credited service (Writer / Co-Writer).  
  • If you are seeking an uncredited ghostwriting service for your project, please note this means a higher price than those listed.
  • Uncredited works are double the listed prices for the same credited service (e.g. instead of $25 per comic book page, you pay $50 per comic book page).
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